2008-2009 Grants

Grants Awarded in 2008-2009

For the 2008-2009 granting year, a total of £203,409 was awarded to four groups in support of the Trust’s first granting theme:  Leadership development for the laity, particularly in the area of justice and social action, to equip individual Catholics to apply Catholic social teaching and play an active part in the Church’s mission.

Young Christian Workers received £86,319 to build an innovative ‘School for Life’ – meeting ‘ordinary’ young people in the midst of their daily realities and training them as leaders in the lay apostolate.YCW logo

This work enabled hundreds of young people to grow as lay leaders, equipping them to take an active part in society, promoting Gospel values and applying the principles of Catholic Social Teaching in their lives and the wider mission of the Church; home and family, work and study, leisure, local community and parish.

Virtual Plater – by a higher education consortium (Newman University College; Liverpool Hope University & Archdiocese of Liverpool; Leeds Trinity University College; St Mary’s University College; and Heythrop College, London). These institutions received £60,000 to enable them to work on a collaborative project.  All five institutions sought to develop provision in the area of Catholic social teaching to enable lay people to make a contribution to society, whether they are working in education, care or other areas based on the principles of Catholic social thinking.

Virtual Plater logo

This project delivered an on-line College devoted to Catholic Social Teaching named Virtual Plater . This is still developing and further modules have been added at time of writing (August 2016).

International Young Leaders Network / Leaders to Come received £40,000 for their programme to identify, nurture, educate, train and sustain young and emerging Catholic leaders aged 16 to 33. It operated by a mixture of first class intensive residential programmes lasting a weekend or a week. International in ethos, IYLN/L2C has attracted participation from throughout the globe as well as from the UK. This application concentrates on building its UK presence while having the additional spin off benefit of ensuring it will be institutionally stronger to receive and contribute to international leadership formation in Catholic social teaching.

The Centre for Bioethics and Emerging Technologies at St Mary’s University College received £17,090 to fund an education project for Catholics in leadership roles in healthcare. The project draws on Catholic social thought in the application of distributive justice to healthcare allocation.The project has a research element which is focused on providing resources for education of those in leadership positions. Leadership in this context refers to those who have administrative or managerial responsibility for making decisions (in this case, in relation to allocation).

Cover Healthcare + CST booklet

The end product of this project was the publication by CTS in 2011 of a booklet “Healthcare Allocation & Justice – applying Catholic Social Teaching”