Fr Plater

The Charles Plater Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to advancing the work of Father Charles Plater by developing social justice through education.   Established as the successor to the former Plater College, Oxford, the Trust makes grants to organisations throughout England and Wales in pursuit of the Plater vision in its modern context.  Each year a theme is used to highlight a particular side of this vision, whether emphasising the development of lay leadership, bringing education and opportunity to the most marginalised, or developing innovative new applications of Catholic social thought.

Latest News

Review of the Trust’s grant making

(posted 30th June 2016)

The Trustees are currently undertaking a major review of the themes and priorities for awards in the light of experience of the first six years of the Trust. As this review  will take some time, the trustees have decided to cancel the 2015/16 round of grants. The July 2016 meeting of the trustees will consider the future timetable for the next round of invitations to bid for grants.

Further details of the timetable and areas for which grants will be awarded will be set out on this site and in the Catholic media in the usual way.