Plater Trust’s Ethical Investment Policy

The Trust’s Ethical Investment Policy

The Trustees originally agreed an ethical investment policy in July 2011. It has been reviewed regularly since then by the Trust’s Finance Committee. On the Committee’s recommendation the Trustees agreed to the following revised policy on 28th November 2018:

The Trustees’ investment objectives are:

  • to maintain and enhance the real value of the Fund over the medium and long term,
  • to produce an annual income to fund its activities, primarily in awarding grants in line with the Trust’s overall purpose,
  • for the portfolio to be managed so that they become shareholders only of companies which uphold ethical standards consistent with the Trust,
  • to be an active shareholder, engaging with companies on issues of ethical concern,
  • to avoid any investments which may damage the reputation of the Plater Trust or the Catholic Church.


The Trustees require their investment manager(s) to avoid companies which are significantly involved in:

  • the production of armaments,
  • the production of tobacco products,
  • the production of abortion and birth control products,
  • gambling (particularly involving high stakes machines)
  • Pornography

The Trustees will join other Christian bodies to engage with them on matters such as environmental impact, modern day slavery and the living wage, which may affect the value of its shareholding and/or impact on the values of the Trust.

The Trustees will require their investment managers to manage the Trust’s portfolio in line with this ethical policy.


Revisions agreed: 28th November 2018