Grant awards 2018-2019

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The Trust’s chair, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, announced the latest set of awards at the Trust’s annual celebration event at the Cardinal Hume Centre in London. For the second consecutive year, the Trust was able to fund nine awards – full details can be found here

Grant applications 2018-2019

The next round of invitations to bid for grants from the Trust will take place during September and early October.  Detailed guidance can be found here .The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. on Thursday 4th October 2018.

Grant awards 2017-2018

The Trust announced the grants awarded for 2018 at its Celebration event on 22nd February.

The nine successful award winners for the year are:

Asylum Link Merseyside £30,000 For an educational and vocational programmes, which form a core section of our provision. The amount requested is £30,000 towards the salary of the Operations manager/Volunteer Coordinator.
Baytree £50,000 Setting up a new Volunteer Service which would also reach out to eight Charities in Young Lambeth Cooperative and Building Young Brixton
Cardinal Hume Centre £39,600 The project will involve running a welcome and assessment service run by volunteers and trained specialist staff for 1,200 people facing homelessness and destitution for one year. The project also involves appointing a researcher to interview service users, staff and volunteers, analyse assessment and outcome data, and report on delivery.
Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds) £33,678 For a Safer Futures programme which aims to educate children and young people about creating healthy relationships and how to avoid perpetuating the destructive cycle of domestic abuse.
Marriage Care £40,000 The project aims to deepen the leadership of Marriage Care’s volunteers by engaging them in reflecting more deeply on Marriage Care’s mission, ethos and values, reaching their geographically dispersed volunteers by developing an online module which will be delivered as part of volunteer induction.
Million Minutes £50,000 The aim of this project is to reach out to the mass of young people in the Catholic community, inspiring and resourcing them to put CST into practice In this project, a new engagement officer will work to engage thousands more young people on social action activities. This will collect ‘a million minutes’ of action (averaging 3 hours each).
Noah Enterprise £37,950 This project aims to work alongside people who face serious disadvantage and poverty due to unemployment, isolation and mental health problems, and support them through training (via Noah’s Academy model), to move them closer to employment. The funding is for an Academy Co-ordinator to provide support to people attending Noah Enterprise’s new satellite courses in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire.
Salford Diocese – Lazarus Project £18,341 The Lazarus project is a pilot project to develop and test out a new model of shaping advocacy and social action in schools & parishes, by people who have the real life experience of poverty. 30 people experiencing grass roots poverty, homelessness and social isolation will be trained in CST and be skilled to work with 270 young people in universities, schools & parishes, to deliver on social awareness, advocacy and action projects in some of the poorest areas in the Diocese of Salford. The methodology and training materials will be disseminated at a national level to diocese and social action organisations through CSAN and the CBCEW Department of Christian Responsibility & Citizenship.
Straight Talking Peer Education. £50,000 Straight Talking Peer Education supports disadvantaged young parents back into the world of education and employment; educates pupils through an understanding of the realities of the responsibilities of parenting and the impact on their future. Teenage parenthood is both a cause and consequence of poverty. The project involves employing a Social Media Campaign Manager to harness the enthusiasm of teenage mothers and young fathers employed by STPE, and teach them to run a Social Media Campaign


The Trust received 33 applications for funding, requesting over £1 million. These were mostly of the highest quality and only the limit on the amount available prevented more proposals from being supported. The Trust provides grants out of the proceeds of its investments from the sale of the original Plater College.  This year, the Trustees were able to allocate £325,000 to support nine projects, the highest number of awards since the establishment of the Trust in 2008.

(Posted 1st March 2018)

Appointment of new trustees

(Posted 31st August 2017, updated 19th October 2017, further updated 4th January 2018)

Seven new trustees have been appointed by the Trust and confirmed by the Catholic Bishops Conference. Three fill existing vacancies and are:

  • Catherine Sexton (also to serve on the Grant Making Body)
  • Richard Hopper (also to serve on the Finance Committee and Grant Making Body)
  • Michael Walsh (also to serve on the Grant Making Body)

Two have been appointed with effect from December 2018 when existing trustees reach the end of the term of office and are:

  • Cathy Corcoran (also to serve on the Grant Making Body)
  • Anthony Carey (also to serve on the Finance Committee)

The latter two are adopted as committee members immediately.

In addition, the Bishops Conference have appointed to the trustee body, to replace three archbishops whose terms of office expire over the next year:

  • Bishop Patrick Lynch (Southwark) and
  • Bishop Paul McAleenan (Westminster)

Invitation to bid for grants

Plater Trust seeks new trustees and committee members

(Posted 1st February 2017)

The Charles Plater Trust wishes to appoint a small number of new Trustees – to help further the Trust’s objectives and to have an oversight of the Trust’s activities as several of the Trust’s nine trustees are approaching the end of their terms of office. The Trust is also seeking to recruit additional members of its Grant-making and Finance committees. The Trust would be particularly interested in applicants with financial, charity and project management expertise but all expressions of interest will be welcome.

For further information on the roles and responsibilities of trustees and details of how to apply, email:  .

Deadline for applications is 5pm on Thursday 2nd March 2017.

Latest on the review of the Trust’s grant making

(posted 4th August 2016)

The Trustees are currently undertaking a major review of the themes and priorities for awards in the light of experience of the first six years of the Trust. The review has a number of elements (including involving past grant recipients and beneficiaries) and so will take some time. At their meeting in July 2016, the trustees decided to cancel the 2016/17 round of grants, until after the independent evaluation currently being undertaken by the Charities Evaluation Service is received and considered.  The next meeting of the trustees, in December, will consider the future timetable for the next round of invitations to bid for grants.

Further details will be set out on this site and in the Catholic media in the usual way.

Future grants from the Plater Trust

(posted 7th January 2016)

The Trustees are currently reviewing the themes and priorities for awards in the light of experience of the first six years of the Trust. As this review  will take some time, the trustees have decided to cancel the 2015/16 round of grants. The next round will therefore be announced in September 2016.

Further details of the areas for which grants will be awarded will be set out on this site and in the Catholic media in the usual way.

Plater Trust makes four awards for research into Catholic Social Teaching & Practice

(posted 12th March 2015)

The annual Plater Trust awards ceremony was held at the Cardinal Hume Centre, Westminster on 26th February 2015  to announce the latest recipients of Trust grants.

It was hosted by the Trust’s Chairman, Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

The theme for this year’s awards is for research into “the specifically Catholic character of the mission and work of Catholic charities today and their links to Catholic Social Teaching”.

The four awards went to:

  • Theos think tank
  • Roehampton University with Marriage Care
  • Von Hügel Institute, Cambridge University
  • Durham University with CSAN

2015-02-26 award winners photoFor other photos of the awards event, see: Please check site for any copyright restrictions.

Further details of the successful grants can be found here

Applications from relevant organisations for grants in 2015 (posted 28th August 2014)

The window for applications for 2015 will open on Friday September 12th 2014. Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Thursday 23rd October 2014. Further details can be found here

Trafficked women, prisoners’ families, the homeless and jobless to benefit from new Plater Trust grants – March 2014

 The annual Plater Trust awards ceremony was held at the Cardinal Hume Centre, Westminster on 20th March to announce the latest recipients of Trust grants. It was hosted by Archbishop George Stack, stepping in for the Trust’s Chairman, Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

Awards 2014 13298971464_46ee79d13b_o (1)

A record number of grants have been awarded this year and among the projects is Women at the Well which supports women with a complex range of needs relating to street based prostitution, offending & anti-social behaviour, problematic drug and alcohol abuse, rough sleeping and trafficking. Another award goes to Storybook Dads to enable imprisoned parents to maintain contact with their children by, for example, recording DVDs of the prisoners reading stories.  Four awards go to projects working with the homeless and jobless; in Sheffield (St Wilfrid’s), Bedford (Noah Enterprise), Blackburn (THOMAS) and London (Ace of Clubs). The other two awards (Baytree and Life) are for projects offering life skills training to girls and women suffering poverty, teenage pregnancy, drugs or other challenges.

Participants at the award ceremony were able to meet winners of previous grants and were treated to a presentation by the Chief Executive of the Cardinal Hume Centre, Cathy Corcoran OBE.

Further details of the successful grant winners can be found here


Charles Plater Trust 2013 award winners announced

An awards ceremony was held in Westminster on 5th March 2013 to announce the latest successful recipients of Charles Plater Trust funding. It was hosted by the Chairman of the Charles Plater Trust, Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

The four successful award winners in 2013 were:

  1. Anchor House – the Brentwood Diocese’s Caritas initiative (£47,500)
  2. The Ambassadors  project – Salford Diocese Caritas (£37,374)
  3. Prison Advice & Care Trust (PACT) (£75,971)
  4. Saint Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) (£22,435)
Awards Celebration 2013

Awards Celebration 2013


Full details of the plans of these projects can be found here

Archbishop Patrick Kelly

We were sad to hear that Archbishop Patrick Kelly retired as Archbishop of Liverpool in January 2013 and consequently as an ex-officio trustee of the Charles Plater Trust. Archbishop Patrick had been a trustee since the establishment of the Trust following the closure of Plater College in 2005.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols, the chairman of the Trust, paid tribute to Archbishop Patrick’s contribution in steering the Trust through its early difficult period to its current thriving position.

Dr. Susan O’Brien

In December 2012, the trustees received with sadness the letter of resignation of Dr. Susan O’Brien as a trustee. Susan has been involved with the Plater Trust since its establishment in 2005 and played a major role in the development the new trust.

Speaking at the most recent Trustees Meeting, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, the chairman of the Trust, paid tribute to  the vital role played by Susan  over the last eight years and to “her major role in setting up, shaping and developing the Plater Trust since the closure of the former Plater College”.

Plater Trust appoints additional trustees (Posted 17th January 2013)

The Plater Trust is pleased to announce that, following a competitive selection process, it has appointed three new trustees.

These are:

  • Elizabeth Slinn – former chief executive of a Primary Care Trust and a current trustee of Portsmouth Roman catholic Diocese
  • Philomena Cullen – currently Director of Pastoral Studies at the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology in Cambridge and former social worker and director of a charity supporting Irish emigrants
  • Russell Sparkes – Chief Investment Officer of the Methodist Church and  author of publications on Catholic Social Teaching

In addition, the Trust has appointed additional members to support its committees:

To the Finance Committee:
  • Sophie Pain – Governor at Newman University College, Birmingham and an independent IT consultant

To the Grant Making Body:

  • Clive Dytor – Head Master of the Oratory School
  • John Green – Director of Development at the Apostleship of the Sea charity and trustee of the Field lane charity

Applying for grants for 2013 (posted 4th September 2012)

The Charles Plater Trust invites bidsfrom organisations working with people to help them play an active part in the Church’s mission on social justice and Catholic social teaching.

Grants will be awarded for projects which equip the Catholic laity to apply Catholic social teaching and play an active part in the Church’s mission. Projects could be in the fields of social planning, housing, justice or politics, using the principles of The Common Good and the Second Vatican Council.

Applications may only be made that match the priorities and objectives of the Trust and grants will be for a maximum period of twelve months. Funding will typically be around £50,000 but for  exceptional projects the Trust will consider larger awards. The Trust will consider positively applications from organisations seeking to use its grant to match funding from other sources.

Some past projects awarded grants included:

  • A School for Life – meeting ‘ordinary’ young people in the midst of their daily realities and training them as leaders in the lay apostolate.
  • A programme to identify, nurture, educate, train and sustain young Catholic leaders aged 16 to 33 through intensive residential programmes lasting up to a week.
  • An education project for Catholics in leadership roles in healthcare, helping them to draw on Catholic social thought in the application of justice in healthcare allocation. Leadership here meant those who have administrative or managerial responsibility for making decisions
  • A Higher Education Consortium collaborated to enable students to make a contribution to society based on Catholic social teaching, whether they are working in education, care or other areas.

For more information and details on how to apply for grants, see the Applying for Grants page.

Applications must be received by 5:00pm on Thursday 25th October 2012.

Supporting the Charles Plater Trust (posted 29th June 2012)

The Trust wishes to appoint a small number of new Trustees – to help further the Trust’s objectives in the fields of education and social justice and to have an oversight of the Trust’s activities. The Trust would be particularly interested in applicants with financial, charity and project management expertise but all expressions of interest will be welcome.

We are also seeking people with experience of, and an interest in, the areas of social justice and Catholic social teaching as well as finance, to join our grant-making and financial stewardship committees.

Further information and details of the application process will appear on this website and in the Catholic media in the autumn.

New round of grant awards (posted 29th June 2012)

The Charles Plater Trust will be seeking applications for grant funding this autumn (2012) from appropriate organisations in England and Wales for projects supporting the objects of the Trust.  Grant awards for 2012-13 will be made to applicants successfully addressing the following theme:

Leadership development for the laity, particularly in the area of justice and social action, to equip individual Catholics to apply Catholic social teaching and play an active part in the Church’s mission.

Funding will be for a maximum period of twelve months, commencing January 2013, at up to 100 per cent of project costs.  Funding requests should normally range between £30,000 and £100,000. The Trust will consider applications from organisations seeking to match funding as part of a larger project if it contributes to an effective delivery of the Trust’s objectives.

Advertisements, inviting bids, will be placed in appropriate Catholic and other media in September and full details of the application process will be published on this website.